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APSAC System was established on the 3rd of Oct 2005 with the Secretariat as its controlling body for technical aspects. The dedication of the APSACS team, at the Secretariat ......................... Read More>>

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Join APSACS in Saying No to Wastefulness & Conspicuous Consumerism. Academic Calendars for EYS1 - HSSC  Round 1 & 2 Cold and Warm Region have been uploaded on AIS. Warm Region:  Syllabus Break ups Round 1 2021-2022 for Classes EYS1 - IX  have been uploaded on AIS.



* Uploading Date of Documents in red

Classes 3 & 4 English Language - first three chapters of Cambridge Global English have been uploaded on AIS 3-8-21

Classes 1-3 Waqfiat e Aama Teaching Guide Chapters 1-3 Worksheets have been uploaded on AIS. 3-8-21

First three chapters of NOC granted Textbooks  EYS 2 - Cl V are uploaded on AIS for teachers' facilitation. It will be available under the heading ' Book Content Round 1' ' for    RDs, Principals and Teachers. (For Cold Region Only)

Cold Region 2021-2022 Resource Pack 2 has been uploaded on AIS 9-7-21

Class V Starter Pack Round I has been updated on AIS 2-7-21







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