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Department of Information Technology (IT)

APSACS SECTT is the innovative resource that continuously enhances APSACS using Information Technology. Our mission is to supply the technology and information services needed to fulfill the requirements of the APSACS, now and in the future. We are dedicated to ensuring the integrity of data, improving the delivery of instruction, Maintaining and providing access to mission critical data within a secure environment and providing documentation, education and training with the help of APSACS INFORMATION SYSTEM (AIS) web application software.

Following modules are currently implemented in the web application

  • Maintenance of Student Record
  • Maintenance of Employee Record
  • Handling of Online Transfer cases of Teachers and Students
  • Online Result compilation and generation
  • Online Portal for Students
  • Online Portal for Career Counselling of Students (In collaboration with R&D Deptt)
  • Online Portal for Regional Directors
  • Online Job Portal

The IT department is also handling and maintaining the quarterly data sent by different schools. A detailed Database containing the following information is being maintained at the Secretariat.

Regional Information (Schools, Garrison Board, RD)
School Contact Information
Class wise student strength
Gender wise student strength
Teachers strength/qualification
Trained Teachers
Teachers turnover
Upload of Book sellers list in every Region
Send-ups Result & Pre-Board Examination Result

IT Department Team:

  • Kashif Majeed Janjua (Head of Department)
  • Babar Khan (Coordinator/ Full Stack Software Developer)
  • Raja Zaeem Abbas Jafri (Coordinator/ Full Stack Software Developer)
  • Saad Ahmed (Subject Specialist/ Full Stack Software Developer)
  • Adeeba Ali Shan (Subject Specialist)


Email: it@apsacssectt.edu.pk, apsacsit@gmail.com



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