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Department of Assessment & Examination


The APSAC System has developed futuristic Assessment Procedures with a shift from memory tests based on rote learning to conceptual assessments. There is stress on continuous ongoing assessments. Assessments and Examination Department is responsible for developing of the following:

Academic Calendar: A uniform Academic Calendar for Cold and Warm (separate academic calendar for SSC) is prepared indicating Teaching weeks, Examinations, Result Days, Parent Teacher Meetings, Holidays.
Assessment Procedures\Policy\ Forms
Continuous Ongoing Assessment
Formal and Informal Assessment
Bi-monthly reports based on class work assessments, project work.
Child observation / student profile
Centralized First and Final Term Examination Papers (IV-VIII)
Centralized First Term and Pre board Examination Papers (IX-X)
House System \ Clubs
Procedures of Parent Teacher Meeting
Report Card
School Registers for Section Heads
School Registers for Administrators
Sample admission papers
Sample examination papers for SSC classes
External Invigilation and Marking System for Class V (2013-14)

In order to bring about uniformity within the System, Assessment & Examination Department also develops and provides schools with Report Cards, Student Dairy, Student Dossiers & Achievement Certificates. The students, being transferred from one station to another, benefit from this uniformity and standardization.

Assessment & Examination Team:

  • Samina Paunwar (Deputy Director)
  • Maryam Adeel (Assistant Deputy Director)
  • Asmara Sadik (Co-ordinator)
  • Sara Masood (Co-ordinator)
  • Huma Farhan (Co-ordinator) 


Email: examination@apsacssectt.edu.pk , eca.apsacs@gmail.com


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