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APSAC System was established on the 3rd of Oct 2005 with the Secretariat as its controlling body for technical aspects. The dedication of the APSACS team, at the Secretariat ......................... Read More>>

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* Uploading Date of Documents in red

Revised Syllabus Break-up, 2nd Term,CR Class IV Islamiyat & Arabic, has been uploaded on AIS 16-7-19

Syllabus Break-ups, Second Term 2019,CR Class PG –VIII, have been uploaded on AIS 8-7-19

Revised Block Syllabus for Exams CR 1st Term 2019-20 Class VII Pre O Level Mathematics has been uploaded 2-7-19

Syllabus Break-ups for Class XII English & Urdu 1st Term CR&WR 2019-20 have been uploaded on AIS. 24-6-19

Syllabus Breakups Class XI(CR) & XII(CR&WR) 2019-20 1st Term has been uploaded on AIS 13-6-19

Class XII English & Urdu Syllabus Breakups (CR&WR) will be updated at a later date 13-6-19

Revised  Eng Lang -V  Block Syllabus for Exams 1st Term CR   has been revised. Kindly get print of this page only 31-5-19

Amended Staff Handbook: Kindly reprint page numbers indicated in the linked file 29-5-19

Revised Biology Class IX Syllabus 1st Term Warm Region has been uploaded on AIS 28-5-19

Holiday HW WR Class VIII Mathematics Ex10C - Converse of Pythgoras theorem is excluded 27-5-19

Content Page 1 of 2 of Career Councelling & University Placement Handbook has been amended, kindly reprint it 24-5-19

Syllabus Breakup Class VI Islamiyat: Index pg & Block Syllabus Pg no. 4 of 5, Chapter Hazart Khadeeja (objective). Plz read Hazrat Khadeeja (objective & subjective) for both CR&WR 22-5-19

Note regarding 1st term Class VI English Language CR&WR Syllabus 22-5-19

Corrections in Portfolio Pakistan for Class III Teacher's Resource Book have been uploaded on AIS 13-5-19

History class VII>>Project Work on ‘Allama Muhammad Iqbal' 8-5-19

Audio Tracks for CUP (I-V) are available on the website: The Cambridge Elevate Book Code is available as a scratch code in the inside cover of all CUP Learner's books(I-V) Instructions to access the website have also been provided. 8-4-19















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